I woke up this morning and this woman was the first thought that came to mind, so I thought why not immortalise my memory of her on here before it fades away. Joyce was our neighbour 3 years ago. She had a shock of white hair that she went to the hairdresser down the road … Continue reading Joyce


Some moments I want to store in little bottles. Encounters that warm our souls, the awareness of birdsong, the chiming of church bells at 11:45 at night, the streaks of colour that paint the sky as dusk. Times that we can emerge from the blind ends of our internal world, and interact with the external. … Continue reading Moments

Reflections on Radical Care

The solid meaning of life is always the same eternal thing - the marriage, namely of some unhabitual idea, however special, with some fidelity, courage and endurance, with some man’s or woman’s painWilliam James I have recently moved into university accommodation. As a result I’ve had alot of encounters, with a wide variety of people. … Continue reading Reflections on Radical Care


Each moment is a leap forward from the brink of an invisible cliff, where times keen edges are constantly renewed . We lift our foot from the solid ground of all our life lived thus far and take that perilous step out into empty airHan Kang A journey This moment. This precipice. … Continue reading Homecoming