About Me

I, Aatqa, welcome you to my corner of the internet. It’s taken me a long time to figure out what to write in this preamble as I am wary of definitions ( I find them rather reductive), but here we are. Stay tuned to get a taste of who I am (currently) and what my blog is about!

I am a first year pre-clinical medical student, studying in the UK at Cambridge University. This blog serves largely as a record of my interests, both within and outside the realm of Medicine, spanning a wide range of topics from literature to social justice. This also acts as a forum to share my reflections on my university experience and about ‘existing’ in general. I also regularly update a Poetry Library largely for my own use, but welcome interested parties to rifle through its records.

I enjoy connecting with others over my blog, so please do get in touch:)

Twitter: @ataqpolymerase