Camblog #14

A group of brown girls on Castle Mound at 2am in the morning, getting drunk on good company and frozen baklava overlooking the moonwashed skyline of Cambridge serenades by the glorious ringing of ( what we assumed to be) a burnt sehri ignited fire alarm. It’s these moments that I know I’m in the right place. As we were climbing up the hill my friend and I were talking about an Isoc event she had organised today, where the speaker explored the meaning and practical applications of Taqwa- God-consciousness. I mentioned to her that I needed that talk at that moment, because I was finding it so hard to concentrate on my worship and remembrance of Allah during this portion of Ramadan, that event was part of my Rizq- sustenance- a divine message just for me. A sign that the efforts I am making now aren’t futile, and that God is with me. As I was sitting on that lump of earth freezing my fingers off whilst staring up at the stars ( isn’t it beautiful how the longer we stare at the night sky the more stars we can see- pretty metaphorical if you ask me- reminding us of the importance of presence in our reality) with such wonderful girls, I felt light for a long time in a while. I was profoundly conscious of the Divine at that moment because I felt placed and invited, into faith and into friendship.

faith and friendship-perhaps there is not much between them.

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