Concise Compositions: Home

As soon as I saw this prompt a song came to mind- Runaway by Aurora ( It’s a bit of a dark one, but I vividly remember the first time that I felt truly touched by music was with this*. At the time I was 14 years old and alot of things were going on in my life making me question were I belonged- where was home? In my Pakistani heritage? I find solace in that, but being ‘Pakistani’ doesn’t make me. Going to visit the country, spending time with family being surrounding by people that looked like me, that was comforting. I don’t want to forget the evening smell of rooftop fires in the city of Lahore. That is an element of home. Far away but there.

Is Britain home? Is Scotland home? Scotland no. I feel alienated from it, though my accent betrays otherwise. London perhaps could be the closest thing to a physical place which is mine, whose streets I traverse and I feel a sense of attachment. Arriving at Gatwick and seeing the smiling Beefeaters on the wall and I know I’m home.

Home is the comfort you feel when arriving back from travel. Home comforts: bed, desk,bookshelf and the one teddy bear you’ve had since you were born. To know home I think you have to leave it, be thrust away, a process which makes you grateful for relative solidity and refines your sense of belonging, be it in ideas or in a physical place.

*Finding Home in music, art and literature. Seeing elements of yourself outside of you, is that Home?Belonging?

  • The Concise Compositions series comprises a series of blog articles that are each based on a certain topic. You give yourself ten minutes – timed – to write about whatever comes to mind, based on the topic. You cannot go over the time; you cannot stop typing beforehand, either. And you cannot go back to edit [save for grammatical errors, etc.]. I challenge all fellow bloggers to give this a try [or, if you do not have a blog, try it on paper – maybe in a journal]! Include ‘ConciseCompositions’ as a tag for your pieces, and include this block of writing at the end of them. Good luck!

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