Concise Compositions: Ageing

The human condition is formed around the fact that we grow old. We structure our societies and lives around the fact that time will pass, and with that humans will age. Our body is a machine which reaches its optimum then shuts down. We live our life, knowing that it will end. Yet how often do we think about the last moments of our life assuming we live to a ripe old age. What will we have back to look on? A nice house. An extensive crockery collection. A family, living vestiges of our existance that carry the baton of one’s past youthly vigour. What stories do we want to collect? What preparations do we want to make for the inevitable… the final moments of your existance before you leave this world for another?

The Concise Compositions series comprises a series of blog articles that are each based on a certain topic. You give yourself five minutes – timed – to write about whatever comes to mind, based on the topic. You cannot go over the time; you cannot stop typing beforehand, either. And you cannot go back to edit [save for grammatical errors, etc.]. I challenge all fellow bloggers to give this a try [or, if you do not have a blog, try it on paper – maybe in a journal]! Include ‘ConciseCompositions’ as a tag for your pieces, and include this block of writing at the end of them. Good luck!

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