Concise Compositions: Forgiveness

Can forgiving someone be as simple as saying ‘it’s ok’? Perhaps, depending on the situation eg if they dropped your favourite egg on the sidewalk, but maybe not in other cases- such as murder. In that case is it ever possible to truly forgive someone from the bottom of ones heart, when they’ve destroyed something that you hold so dear to you in life like the life of a human being, a relationship or a memory? To answer this we need to understand what it means to forgive. Maybe forgiving someone is acknowledging that they’ve hurt you, intentionally or not, but that won’t affect the way you treat them. However I would posit it is hard for someone to internalise a felling of total healing and return to the previous normal dynamic of the said relationship, because the hurtful event has indelibly changed things. Forgiveness in this understanding may be a disciplined approach to interacting with those who have hurt us the most.

The Concise Compositions series comprises a series of blog articles that are each based on a certain topic. You give yourself five minutes – timed – to write about whatever comes to mind, based on the topic. You cannot go over the time; you cannot stop typing beforehand, either. And you cannot go back to edit [save for grammatical errors, etc.]. I challenge all fellow bloggers to give this a try [or, if you do not have a blog, try it on paper – maybe in a journal]! Include ‘ConciseCompositions’ as a tag for your pieces, and include this block of writing at the end of them. Good luck!

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