Concise Compositions: Friendship

Friendship. A connection which is reciprocal, where each party values the existance of the other without any covert desires. Everything is out in the the open: the good the bad and the ugly. Finding a person who is willing to shoulder aspects of your mess of beingness is a big task, and one which I think is often made to seem easier than it is. Big friendship groups,I feel, lose the intimate sense of connection and understanding that comes hand in hand with ‘true friendship’ between two human beings, an experience so often coveted by us all ( in different shapes and forms).

Friends take up space together, their venn diagrams overlap somewhat( to varying degrees) and the sections of the diagram which aren’t shared are valued and nourished. Friendship isn’t bound by formulaic timeframes which require texts to be flung everyday. Rather the most fulfilling relationships are the ones that arise unexpectedly and endure the test of time not spent together.

The Concise Compositions series comprises a series of blog articles that are each based on a certain topic. You give yourself five minutes – timed – to write about whatever comes to mind, based on the topic. You cannot go over the time; you cannot stop typing beforehand, either. And you cannot go back to edit [save for grammatical errors, etc.]. I challenge all fellow bloggers to give this a try [or, if you do not have a blog, try it on paper – maybe in a journal]! Include ‘ConciseCompositions’ as a tag for your pieces, and include this block of writing at the end of them. Good luck!

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