Concise Compositions: Privacy

I’m taking on Sadia’s (from Concise Compositions challenge: What does it mean, to be a ‘private person’? And is this – being ‘private’, keeping things ‘lowkey’ – truly a virtuous trait? Why do we claim to admire such people so?

To be private, from my perspective, is to be content with oneself. To relish in your own company and frame the value of your achievements and shortcomings in your own private universe without having to broadcast them in wider social circles composed of people whose existential circles overlap little or not at all with yours. The definition of one’s ‘private universe’ is subjective. For me it is my close family and some friends who I can count on one hand. But I realise I spend alot of time in my head and that more extroverted individuals who feed of social energy may find that their private universe encompasses more people ie on their social media platforms- though from how I see things I would question how much emotional energy you expend on each of your 300 followers. My five minutes are up but i’ll take the liberty of one more sentence. How private someone is a subjective measure: what may seem lowkey and admirable to me, might not be the same for you. Hence, categorising an individual’s behaviour as admirable- or not- is a projection of self that perhaps it would be better to plumb rather than another person’s way of going about their life.

The Concise Compositions series comprises a series of blog articles that are each based on a certain topic. You give yourself five minutes – timed – to write about whatever comes to mind, based on the topic. You cannot go over the time; you cannot stop typing beforehand, either. And you cannot go back to edit [save for grammatical errors, etc.]. I challenge all fellow bloggers to give this a try [or, if you do not have a blog, try it on paper – maybe in a journal]! Include ‘ConciseCompositions’ as a tag for your pieces, and include this block of writing at the end of them. Good luck!

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