23:34 Thoughts – Bo Giyam

My dad is talking very loud on the phone so I’m not getting to sleep for a while. Instead, I’ve returned to this song ‘Bo Giyam’ from the latest season of Coke Studio Pakistan. I’ve been utterly entranced by it for a month so following Lorde’s advice of a disciplined approach to feeling I’m going to write about it.

https://www.cokestudio.com.pk/mobile/season12/e06-s02.html (lyrics translation)

To another’s ear there is nothing special about this song, in such a way that some people tread lightly on ones hearts whilst others trample all over it, this song has fallen into the latter group. I haven’t been able to get my head around it, probably mostly because it is sung in Burushaski ( with a few female urdu lyrics thrown in but we won’t talk about those because I think they detract from the overall effect) . the Burushaski language is an isolate, meaning its origins are unknown, its unique untraceable poetry indigenous to the people with whom its existence is tied.

There is a sense of mystery with the lilting rambling rhythm ( a fusion of Huzai and Western musical styles) which evoke the beauty of the Hunza Valley and its nomadic roots. You are transported into the mountains, and years of history and culture surrounding these peoples and their homeland.

When you look at the lyrics (by Nas Nafees) it becomes more beautiful. Kashif Din, the 19 year old singer, is bemoaning a lost love like a seed sown harvested by another, a tree swaying giving its fruits to someone else where it cannot be reached by the one who so desires it. There becomes a more wild searching as he enters prayer and seclusion searching for the lost beloved. The imagery is beautiful, loaded in the broadest sense of the meaning of the ‘Beloved’ from Sufi eastern conventions of love to the earthy desire of man. Combined with the soft and raspy quality of his voice, for me there is a truly entrancing quality to this composition and I’m going to try and head of to sleep with this comforting thought ( despite the best efforts of my father).

When the world came into existence, so did music. There is music in everything. There is a scale in every voice. Everything moves to a timing. Our whole lives move to a beat and even the heart beats to a specific time. As far as I’m concerned, the entire world is music.”

Kashif Din

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