Soundscape of Covid-19

Birds twitter like an asynchronous chorus of cymbals. Reverberating off redbricks and stained brown suburban fences, which enclose verdant manicured lawns.

Shuffling of cards- ‘Urrgh’

‘What’s wrong mummy’

‘ Nothing darling, just that idiot Donald Trump again’

Clipping of tea cups, screeching swinging of garden hammocks. Babies wailing, street light bleering alerting no one that it is safe to go outside.

‘Hancock confirms 980 dead’

Emblazoned daytime news which barely pricks the surface of souls who are thinking about this evening’s sitting of ‘The Great British Menu’

‘Dole is pinapple brand’

But you see dear neighbour that the green thing, exotic crown, corona- Oh no

maybe we should ban that too like we did the golden cordial

who needed pinapples anyway?

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