Book Summary- Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Make it Stick is a book about learning successfully. With anecdotes and research studies abound, this is a book written by psychologists with the aim of debunking study myths and allowing students to be the most effective in their academic endeavours. Learning about having knowledge that you can retrieve rapidly and efficiently. The main message that permeates the book is that learning should be hard- if it isn’t you are doing it all wrong.

I can’t believe it took me a whole academic year to get round to reading this. I would strongly recommend this to anybody in full time education as it has revolutionised the way I think about studying. Already I’ve implemented some techniques into my studying routine. The main take home messages for me were as follows:

1. Do retrieval practice by self quizzing

2.Interleave studying

3.Don’t study subjects in blocks, switch it up

4. Elaborate on key ideas by linking them to others

5.Prep for your classes

6.Use tests as a learning tool and a dashboard check on how your learning is going

7.Extract underlying principles rather than rote learning examples

8.Use mental models ie mind palace, mnemonics

9. Learn with the conviction that that neuroplasticity allows you to make yourself more intelligent

One aspect of the book that I loved was the fact that the way it was structured emulated the principles it was trying to teach

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