Camblog #26

Upon arriving at college yesterday I placed the bag of food my mum sent on a wooden table in my room. This was not just any wooden table, it was one of the period pieces of furniture that my room for this year came with. For the last two years my previous room, overlooking the … Continue reading Camblog #26


23.8.22 @ 8:33 I’m sitting in Nonsuch on the day of our departure. I came to take my leave of the trees that have given me shelter of a unique kind over these past few years. To the greenery, before we head into the desert insha’Allah. And the Nonsuch birds, I came early this morning … Continue reading Departure

From the Wildfire Women’s Choir (transmitted by Zeena)

You know the women who came before you will always be beside youAnd the women who dance beside you will pass the flame along So the moon will wax and waneAnd the tides will ebb and flow We are all a thread in the weaving and spinningWe are all together even when we are apart … Continue reading From the Wildfire Women’s Choir (transmitted by Zeena)